Our Culture

We are an Arizona-based community of professionals who work every day to improve the way freight is moved throughout the Southwest. Our team lives and breathes our can-do, positive attitude, our values of delivering beyond expectations and we bring out the best in each member of our team through integrity, collaboration and dedication to problem solving. That’s what makes working here so special – we make things happen, while moving things along and have fun as we are doing it.

Our Mission

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We pride ourselves on delivering with safety always being top-of-mind. Burst has made significant investments in our driving program, safety equipment and on-going learning requirements for all of our drivers. We also look at where market risks are and apply a preventative, proactive approach to mitigate risk as best we can. 

Our drivers are exceptionally careful with your cargo. While accidents can and do happen Burst Logistics is proud of our can-do attitude and our attention-to-detail way of delivering the goods for our customers. 

We are hiring!

Find out how a career with Burst Logistics delivers personal and professional growth.